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16 March 2015
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Voiceover – My Winning TEAM! VOAtlanta 2015

Voiceover – My Winning TEAM! VOAtlanta 2015 By Dan Friedman In best movie trailer voice: SIX RANDOMLY SELECTED TEAMS … SIX TOP PRODUCER/MENTORS … ONE TASK, PRODUCE A 60 SECOND COMMERCIAL … WITH NO SCRIPT … IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS! Okay… let’s bring it down a notch. 🙂 VOAtlanta was, once again, an incredible […]

24 February 2015
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Voiceover – The New Catalog is Here!

Voiceover – The New Catalog is Here! By Dan Friedman Other than checks and gifts there are few things that we in the voiceover industry receive in the mail that are quite as exciting as the ProGear catalog from Sweetwater. While I have made purchases with many retailers over the years, none of them offers […]

6 November 2014
Studio & Gear
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Voiceover- A Challenge for You!

Voiceover – A Challenge For You! By Dan Friedman   Do you know how you really sound? One of the best advantages to working on both sides of the glass is that I have had the opportunity to hear many different voiceover talent, often on the same auditions. I get a chance to hear everyone’s […]

26 September 2014
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Voiceover- SOUND4VO in Nashville!

SOUND ADVICE in NASHVILLE October 4th – Home Audio Studio Guru, Dan Friedman and Booth Camp’s own, Joe Loesch will conduct a one day voice over workshop in Nashville at Creative License, Inc. 5532 Maplesong Drive. They’ll tackle topics every voice actor needs to hear. Plan to join two of the nations most sought after […]

25 September 2014
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Voiceover – My FaffCon Wrap-up and …Now What?

Voiceover – My FaffCon Wrap-up and …Now What? By Dan Friedman Another FaffCon has come and gone and …WOW, they just keep getting better and better. Each and every FaffCon holds a special place in my heart. My friend and fellow “Faffer” Brad Venable wrote in his latest blog how “transcendent” the FaffCon experience can […]

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