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25 August 2014
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Voiceover – What I Took With Me On My Summer Vacation

Voiceover – What I Took With Me On My Summer Vacation By Dan Friedman I spent quite a bit of time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather we had this summer. For me the highlights were seeing Steely Dan at the Biltmore Estate (they were incredible) and I also spent a week out on the […]

12 July 2014
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Voiceover – My Declaration of Independence

Voiceover – My Declaration of Independence By Dan Friedman Ahh, independence. It is a great feeling to live in a place where (and a time when) we have the ability to pursue our dreams. The month of July is when we as citizens of the United States celebrate our independence. Since my birthday also happens […]

11 June 2014
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Voiceover Websites

Voiceover Websites By Dan Friedman Its always an honor to be recognized by your peers. Voiceover talent Dane Reid has listed Sound4VO among his list of “Top 10 Voiceover Websites”. I’m thrilled to have been considered and listed among the nine other fantastic voiceover industry websites. Be sure to visit each of them.   Thank […]

29 August 2013
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Voiceover – The Lost Art of Listening

Voiceover – The Lost Art of Listening By Dan Friedman While out on a hiking trip this past weekend, I took the time to simply listen to nature. For several minutes, not a single device of modern technology could be heard. It was truly music to the ears. Listening… truly listening, seems to be a […]

11 July 2013
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Voiceover – Opportunity and Preparation

Voiceover – Opportunity and Preparation By Dan Friedman Its been awhile since I’ve posted here on Sound4VO. For those of you who are regular readers, I apologize for the silence. Truth is… I’ve been busy!! Over the last several months, some remarkable opportunities unfolded before me and I owed it to myself to pursue them […]

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