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22 March 2017
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Voiceover In The Gig Economy

Voiceover In The Gig Economy By Dan Friedman A colleague of mine recently posted this on social media. “Heard a commercial I did voiceover for on the radio this morning. I haven’t heard it in a couple years, and assumed it just wasn’t running anymore. Cool!” Cool … but also, NOT COOL!! Now before getting […]

1 March 2016
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Voiceover – 20 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life

Voiceover – 20 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life By Dan Friedman Just 20 minutes a day can change your life. We have all heard that pitch before. Usually, its referring to the latest and greatest exercise program or workout machine which, after you buy it, within six months you’ll probably end up using […]

26 September 2014
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Voiceover- SOUND4VO in Nashville!

SOUND ADVICE in NASHVILLE October 4th – Home Audio Studio Guru, Dan Friedman and Booth Camp’s own, Joe Loesch will conduct a one day voice over workshop in Nashville at Creative License, Inc. 5532 Maplesong Drive. They’ll tackle topics every voice actor needs to hear. Plan to join two of the nations most sought after […]

1 January 2014
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Voiceover – New Year, New Focus

Voiceover – New Year, New Focus By Dan Friedman Happy 2014! I have to say that, for me, 2013 was an incredible year. A year of dramatic ups and downs. A year that introduced new, and some completely unexpected, opportunities. As I look ahead to 2014, I know that change is in the air. Much […]

21 November 2013
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What’s Your Motivation? – Voiceover

By Dan Friedman The voiceover industry… we all know that it is a place to make some fast and easy money with minimal investment. I already have a voice! I know how to read! Audacity is free! I can buy a USB microphone for less than $100! What more could I possibly need? Ugh!! Here […]

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