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26 January 2018
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A Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale About a Certain P2P Site This was originally posted in the Voiceover Pros Facebook Group by voice actor Rick Riley. I am reprinting it here with his permission. In an effort to not promote additional links to the offending P2P company I have changed “.” to “dot” in the web address. I […]

9 August 2017
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A Fresh Perspective on the Voices Acquisition of Voicebank: Be The Beer!

A Fresh Perspective on the Voices Acquisition of Voicebank: Be The Beer! By Dan Friedman Voices Acquisition of Voicebank The Voices acquisition of Voicebank is still reverberating through the VO community. That loud boom you may have heard was the collective gasp from talent agents, managers, casting directors and voice talent around the world. Say what you […]

21 April 2017
Voiceover Demos
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Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony

Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony By Dan Friedman My good friend and phenomenal VO talent Roxanne Hernandez Coyne does an extensive amount of telephony work (both English and Spanish) for some of the biggest companies in the world. When she was ready to make a new telephony demo, she reached out to me […]

22 March 2017
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Voiceover In The Gig Economy

Voiceover In The Gig Economy By Dan Friedman A colleague of mine recently posted this on social media. “Heard a commercial I did voiceover for on the radio this morning. I haven’t heard it in a couple years, and assumed it just wasn’t running anymore. Cool!” Cool … but also, NOT COOL!! Now before getting […]

2 February 2017
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Voiceover – Alternative 101.5 Missoula

Voiceover – Radio Imaging: Alternative 101.5 Missoula, MT Missoula, MT – February 2, 2017 – New Alternative Rock Station KAMM 101.5 launches today with Sound4VO’s Dan Friedman as the imaging voice.   “I listened to dozens of voices and as soon as I heard your demo the “that’s the one” light went on.” – […]

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