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14 January 2014
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I Want Your GREAT Voiceover Demo!

I Want Your GREAT Voiceover Demo! By Dan Friedman Many of you may have seen or read that I will be speaking at the VOAtlanta2014 Conference in March. I’m very excited for the opportunity and my goal is to make the experience educational, fun and interactive for everyone who decides to join me. The topic […]

1 January 2014
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Voiceover – New Year, New Focus

Voiceover – New Year, New Focus By Dan Friedman Happy 2014! I have to say that, for me, 2013 was an incredible year. A year of dramatic ups and downs. A year that introduced new, and some completely unexpected, opportunities. As I look ahead to 2014, I know that change is in the air. Much […]

21 November 2013
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What’s Your Motivation? – Voiceover

By Dan Friedman The voiceover industry… we all know that it is a place to make some fast and easy money with minimal investment. I already have a voice! I know how to read! Audacity is free! I can buy a USB microphone for less than $100! What more could I possibly need? Ugh!! Here […]

10 October 2013
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FaffCon 6 – Voiceover Unconference San Antonio

 FaffCon 6 – Voiceover Unconference San Antonio By Dan Friedman Anyone who follows Sound4VO knows that I’m a huge believer in FaffCon, the voiceover unconference that never fails to inspire, motivate and raise the bar for our industry. Here is my recap and some thoughts. Thursday – Let the Faffing begin! Although it hadn’t even […]

11 July 2013
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Voiceover – Opportunity and Preparation

Voiceover – Opportunity and Preparation By Dan Friedman Its been awhile since I’ve posted here on Sound4VO. For those of you who are regular readers, I apologize for the silence. Truth is… I’ve been busy!! Over the last several months, some remarkable opportunities unfolded before me and I owed it to myself to pursue them […]

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