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21 April 2017
Voiceover Demos
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Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony

Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony By Dan Friedman My good friend and phenomenal VO talent Roxanne Hernandez Coyne does an extensive amount of telephony work (both English and Spanish) for some of the biggest companies in the world. When she was ready to make a new telephony demo, she reached out to me […]

11 March 2014
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VOAtlanta2014 – Voiceover

VOAtlanta2014 By Dan Friedman With only a little more than a week to go, I’m getting very excited about VOAtlanta2014. This should be a spectacular event! An amazing group of talented voiceover industry professionals has been assembled and I’m looking forward to meeting several of them for the first time. This will be a great […]

14 January 2014
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I Want Your GREAT Voiceover Demo!

I Want Your GREAT Voiceover Demo! By Dan Friedman Many of you may have seen or read that I will be speaking at the VOAtlanta2014 Conference in March. I’m very excited for the opportunity and my goal is to make the experience educational, fun and interactive for everyone who decides to join me. The topic […]

22 August 2012
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What A Voiceover Demo Is… and What it is Not

What A Voiceover Demo Is… and What it is Not. By Dan Friedman A voiceover demo is your business card. A demonstration of your abilities and talent. It is a reflection of your ability to present yourself as a professional. It is representative of whether you can communicate and deliver copy, but also indicates whether […]

24 January 2011
Voiceover Demos
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Are You Ready to Make Your First Voiceover Demo?

Voiceover – Are You Ready to Make a Voiceover Demo? By Dan Friedman Am I ready to make your first voiceover demo? This may be the biggest question any aspiring voice talent will ask. With all of the attention the voiceover industry has received lately, it is no surprise that many people are asking this question […]

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