Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony

21 April 2017
Voiceover Demos
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Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony

By Dan Friedman

My good friend and phenomenal VO talent Roxanne Hernandez Coyne does an extensive amount of telephony work (both English and Spanish) for some of the biggest companies in the world. When she was ready to make a new telephony demo, she reached out to me and asked that we do something different. Something that (to our knowledge) hadn’t been done before.

We decided to create a telephony demo, with a new twist, on what is usually an unglamorous part of the VO business. Check it out and enjoy!

Contact Roxanne here: roxanne@roxannesvoice.com

Let me know how I can help you with demos or any audio production.

One response on “Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony

  1. Victoria Gershik says:

    Hi. I’m interested in learning about voiceover work and what it takes and if I have and/or my partner have what it takes to have an income stream as voiceover artists.

    We love singing and using our voice. I was inspired by two acquaintances who do voiceover work as their main income stream to delve deeper into seeing if voiceover work would be something we’d love to do and be marketable at.

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