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19 June 2011
Sound4VO News
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Interview with Bill DeWees

I had a great time doing an Interview with Bill DeWees. Check it out and look for more from Bill on his VoiceOverExpert You Tube Channel.   Thank you, Bill!

13 June 2011
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The Best Voice Over Coach is… Your Ears!

The Best Voice Over Coach is… Your Ears! By Dan Friedman Recently there was a post on the Voice Artists United Facebook page that discussed coaches. The talent (who I do not know) wrote that he was discouraged by some comments that his most recent coach had made. At the time I write this, the […]

9 May 2011
Studio & Gear
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Your Room and You

Your Room and You By Dan Friedman While there are many elements to producing great voiceovers, few are as important as the room you produce them in. While it is important to carefully evaluate the sound of your room when it is completed, there are some basic things to consider in the beginning that will […]

3 May 2011
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Audio Terms and Definitions

Audio Terms and Definitions Good communication is a key to success in all relationships. Often miscommunication and misunderstandings between people occur because they simply don’t know how to “speak the same language”. I’m not talking about the difference between English and Chinese. I’m talking about technical audio terms. In the business world, nearly every type of […]

20 April 2011
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Why? Ask and Answer This Simple Question

Why? Ask and Answer This Simple Question By Dan Friedman Why am I writing this blog post? Because I want to remind you to take the time to stop and consciously ask yourself, “why?”.  “Why?” is a question that we often forget to ask ourselves as we go about our day or do our jobs. […]

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