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25 August 2011
Sound4VO News
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Thank You Charlotte, NC Voiceover Meetup Group

It was a pleasure speaking with everyone at the Charlotte Voiceover Meetup Group last night. Big thanks to: Gabrielle Nistico of Linda Midgett of M2 Pictures Beverly Penninger of Naka Productions and Eric Simendinger of   Also, thank you to all of the new and experienced talent who participated in the event. It […]

13 August 2011
Studio & Gear
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Voiceover Gear, Quality and Rates… a Correlation?

Voiceover Gear, Quality and Rates… a Correlation? By Dan Friedman Two of the biggest ongoing issues in the voiceover world are gear and rates. It seems that voice talent (or voice talent wannabes) are always looking for the latest, greatest, smallest and cheapest piece of gear that is good enough to record audio. They also […]

2 August 2011
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Re-tuning Your Ears for Conscious Listening-by Julian Treasure

I recently wrote a blog post entitled: The Best Voiceover Coach is Your Ears. Well, yesterday another one of the best voiceover coaches, Nancy Wolfson,  shared this on Facebook. So much of your success in voiceover is dependent upon your ability to hear (and listen). This is a very cool presentation. Check it out!   […]

1 August 2011
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Recording Magazine’s Room Acoustics Series – part 3

Recording Magazine sends out a newsletter to its subscribers every few weeks. The newsletter is (coincidentally) titled “Sound Advice” and this month it features the third in a series about room acoustics. Room acoustics is one of the biggest concerns for Recording Magazine readers. I know that this is also a big issue for those […]

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