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28 June 2011
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Room Acoustics Series (part 2)… Thanks Recording Magazine

Recording Magazine sends out a newsletter to its subscribers every few weeks. The newsletter is (coincidentally) titled “Sound Advice” and this month it features the second in a series about room acoustics. As you will read, room acoustics is one of the biggest concerns for Recording Magazine readers. I know that this is also a […]

23 June 2011
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Now on VoiceOverXtra!

Now on VoiceOverXtra! http://voiceoverxtra.com/article.htm?id=e6nf5bfc

19 June 2011
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Interview with Bill DeWees

I had a great time doing an Interview with Bill DeWees. Check it out and look for more from Bill on his VoiceOverExpert You Tube Channel.   Thank you Bill!

13 June 2011
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The Best Voice Over Coach is… Your Ears.

The Best Voice Over Coach is… Your Ears. By Dan Friedman Recently there was a post on the Voice Artists United Facebook page that discussed coaches. The talent (who I do not know) wrote that he was discouraged by some comments that his most recent coach had made. At the time I write this, the […]

6 June 2011
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Voiceover – Between the Lines

Voiceover – Between the Lines By Dan Friedman A radio or television commercial is more than just words. The space between the lines helps to determine pace and establish mood. Space allows the mix engineer to create an environment in which the voice exists and where music and/or sound effects can be placed to help […]

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