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18 October 2012
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FaffCon 5 Voiceover Unconference… No Finish Line.

By Dan Friedman FaffCon 5 reached the finish line, as all FaffCon’s have, in spectacular fashion. I can honestly say, I think this was the best FaffCon to date. This is a VERY BOLD statement, because every FaffCon has been absolutely amazing. In the past, following each FaffCon, I have written blogs about my experience […]

3 October 2012
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Directing Voiceovers… Lend Me Your Words

Directing Voiceovers… Lend Me Your Words By Dan Friedman Click Here to Listen! Effectively communicating with a voiceover talent during a recording session can be a struggle for clients, or for many new directors. Recently, a client suggested posting “a list of words that can be used to help explain the changes they would like […]

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