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    Hip, edgy and energetic. Laid-back, cool, and conversational. Voice talent Dan Friedman has a sound and a style… that delivers.

    Voiceover Talent

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    Voiceover Talent
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    Dan Gets Technical

    Audio Engineer

    "Dan helped me with my home studio, recorded and produced original music for my band and has engineered many of my voiceover sessions. Dan has a keen ear and is always ready to help with insightful ideas and direction… a true pro and a great guy!"

    --Jacqui Fehl, www.voiceoverchick.com

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    Audio Engineer
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    Voiceover Coaching From the Trenches.

    Voiceover Coach

    Dan has directed and coached hundreds of talent on thousands of voiceover sessions. Whether you are a voiceover talent with years of experience or are just getting started, he will help you deliver winning results.

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    Voiceover Coach
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    Voiceover From An Audio Engineer's Perspective


    "Want to learn how it really is in a working studio environment and how to set up your own voice over studio at home and get started in the REAL voice over world? Buy Sound Advice by Dan Friedman!"

    -- Corky Coreson - www.coreson.com

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    Producer best essay writing service & Director

    Dan has the ears, combined with a vision, for all things voiceover. Production. Direction. Coaching. Demos. Need a great idea brought to life? Dan Friedman takes your vision from concept to completion, using his years of experience on both sides of the glass.

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    Producer & Director
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    Need advice, coaching or help for all things voiceover?


    SOUND4VO: It's more than just a blog. It's a wealth of advice and information for all things voiceover. Need advice on demos, directing, your home studio? You'll find all of it here... and so much more.


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