Introducing… Voicebank’s One On One Voiceover Sessions

15 January 2013
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Sound4VO's Dan FriedmanBy Dan Friedman

When was the last time you thought to yourself… “if a top voiceover industry pro could direct me and hear what I can do, I just know that they’ll be interested in hiring me”? Or perhaps you’ve thought, I really need direction and an outside pair of ears on this audition. Maybe your having trouble with your home studio and need some reasonably priced technical assistance… like… NOW! What if you’ve been thinking about working with a voiceover coach, but don’t know who to choose, or want to experience more than one person’s direction, perspective or methods?

Whether you are a top voiceover pro or just getting started, if you have been asking yourself these questions or have been thinking any of these things, the answers and the access you have been longing for, are now just a few clicks away. Voicebank is introducing a new One on One Voiceover Sessions program where you will have the opportunity to be seen and heard by working industry pros. I’m talking top agents and voice seekers! Some of the biggest names in the voiceover industry are here to help you take your voiceover career to the next level.

Don’t know if you’re ready to send your demo to a top agent… now you’ll have the opportunity to ask one. Maybe you are afraid your demo doesn’t sound good enough to submit to an agency. Now you’ll have the chance to find out before you send it. Are you a working pro who just got turned down on an audition… or six? Now you can quickly brush up on your skills and maybe even get coaching from the same agent who booked the job. Sure, it may be too late to land that job… or those jobs, but imagine how beneficial it could be to find out what, if anything, you could have done differently. That type of insight could truly pay off on the next audition.

Speaking of the next audition, how many times have you agonized over whether that audition you’ve just recorded is the best it can possibly be? With One on One Voiceover Sessions, you can have an audition directed live before you send it. You’ll get immediate feedback and gain confidence by knowing that your performance and your sound are competitive in today’s voiceover marketplace.

This program is designed to help you. You can get what you need, when you need it. Participate as often as you like. Work with one or more professionals who have a passion for our industry and who care about you.

For more than a decade, my roles as audio engineer, director, producer, author and voice talent have provided me with incredible opportunities. Since the very beginning of my career in voiceover (and probably a little longer), Voicebank has been working hard to bring together the best agents, talent and clients, raising the bar for the entire industry.  I’m very excited to be taking part in this program. I look forward to offering you direction on auditions and demos, assisting you with your sound and studio and helping you succeed in your voiceover career.

Check out the One On One Voiceover Sessions program and get to know the industry pros who are ready to help you, by clicking here.

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