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3 January 2013
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Voice Over GardenBy Dan Friedman

Happy new year everyone! To begin 2013, I’d like to show a little love for a fellow VO author. I’ve been reading Jonathan Tilley’s new book Voice Over Garden. This is a great book that offers a fresh approach to growing and maintaining a voiceover career. Voice Over Garden is a comprehensive career manual and, in my opinion, a must have in your VO library.

Jonathan has put his coaching and business strategies into this fun and visually stunning e-book. He provides tips and tricks for performance, as well as pages of vital business information. However, Voice Over Garden is more than simply words and pictures on virtual pages. The book includes a separate workbook to help you get the business end of your career on track and audio tongue twisters to get your mouth moving in the right direction.

Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable and very generous with the information he has gained over the course of his career. When it comes to related topics that are not his primary focus, he is generous with links to additional voiceover resources. I was honored to see SOUND ADVICE – Voiceover From An Audio Engineer’s Perspective and my Sound4VO blog mentioned… a totally unexpected surprise!

I could go on about Jonathan’s generosity or about how helpful his book will be for everyone in the voiceover industry. You have my word, that Voice Over Garden will be very useful at any stage in your voiceover career. But, I’ll let Jonathan tell you in his own words why you should read Voice Over Garden.

In a recent Q&A he was asked:

Q: What is the one thing you want readers to get from your book?
In all honesty and without sounding tacky, that they can build a business around the voices in their heads.

 Q: Explain to the readers why they should read “Voice Over Garden”.
No matter if you are just starting out in VO or are already established in the scene, “Voice Over Garden” goes beyond the basics of demos and Pay2Paly sites. It’s the behind the scenes look at how I run my business as a voice-over artist done in a fun and informative way. It’s my take on how to establish positive business relationships with clients, studios, and agents and how to manage your business while keeping things creative and upbeat. Something that is rarely talked about but is crucial to success in this industry.

I couldn’t agree more! CONGRATULATIONS Jonathan Tilley.

Now… buy Voice Over Garden here!

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