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28 June 2011
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Room Acoustics Series (Part 2)… Thanks Recording Magazine!

Room Acoustics Series (part 2)… Thanks Recording Magazine! Recording Magazine sends out a newsletter to its subscribers every few weeks. The newsletter is (coincidentally) titled “Sound Advice” and this month it features the second in a series about room acoustics. As you will read, room acoustics is one of the biggest concerns for Recording Magazine […]

9 May 2011
Studio & Gear
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Your Room and You

Your Room and You By Dan Friedman While there are many elements to producing great voiceovers, few are as important as the room you produce them in. While it is important to carefully evaluate the sound of your room when it is completed, there are some basic things to consider in the beginning that will […]

15 March 2011
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Win a copy of SOUND ADVICE!

Win a copy of SOUND ADVICE! I’ll show you my home studio. Now… you show me yours! Where do you voice from? Upload a photo to Facebook and tag soundadvice-voiceover, #soundadvice or my Facebook profile. You can also find my Sound4VO Facebook page or read more about the book. Share this post with your friends and […]

6 December 2010
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Great note today! Thank you Ed!

Dan – Just a quick “thank-you” for your Voiceover Extra mic technique article! I just bought my dream mic, a Neumann U87, and was in the process of setting up and fine-tuning it to my studio. Years in radio broadcasting have left me with some mic technique habits not always suited to voice-overs, but your […]

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