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1 September 2011
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Dan Friedman, new chapterOne Year, One Voiceover Book… A Whole New Chapter

By Dan Friedman

Since starting my webpage and blog, I have attempted to provide information that can be beneficial to several facets of the voiceover industry. I’ve written articles for directors, new talent, experienced talent and offered commentary on things going on in my VO life and in the industry. On this day (September 1st) last year, I published something that has had a profound effect on my life and has hopefully helped others. So today on the anniversary of the release of my book, Sound Advice – Voiceover From An Audio Engineer’s Perspective, I’d like to do something I’ve largely avoided, which is to write something about the book itself and how it has created a new chapter my life.

When I began writing Sound Advice – Voiceover From An Audio Engineer’s Perspective, I had no idea how it would be received by the voiceover community. I was nervous. But my mind was quickly set at ease when several letters and posts began to appear thanking me for writing it. While many of these letters were complimentary and some full of praise (for which I am so appreciative) two of my favorite letters came to me in just the last two months.

Submitted on 07/17/2011
Kelley Carruthers Buttrick
“Hey Dan, “Sound Advice” saved my bacon on Thursday. In the past, I would have freaked out at the problem and immediately called the engineer who installed the studio. Instead, I just did your first line of defense and unplugged and replugged the item giving me grief. It worked like a charm! Simple I know, but for someone who is technologically challenged like me, it was great! THANK YOU!!! See you at Faffcon!”


Submitted on 08/08/2011
Cindy Neill
“Hey Dan!
I just wanted to say Thank You for writing your book! I was getting a nasty hiss in my records this morning and started to freak out but I read through your book, calmed down, retraced my connections and settings and found the issue! When I’m not in an ISDN session, I’ve got to turn the ISDN pot down on my board otherwise, I get the hiss. Apparently I’d forgotten to turn it down after a session yesterday afternoon and thus, freak-out mode kicked in! But by reading through your book and following just the simplest of instruction, I was able to fix the problem on my own!!! YAY ME!! And YAY YOU for writing such an awesome book!!
Thanks Dan!”

These letters are my favorites because, almost one year later, people who have had the book are now turning to it and solving their studio problems. This is exactly what I had intended.

The only thing I knew when I began writing the book was that the information was needed. Over the years, voice talent had been calling me, asking for help with everything related to studios, recording gear and sound. Often the questions were very similar and I heard myself offering the same advice time and time again. Coincidentally, within a week or two, a couple of voice talent said to me “you should write a book”. At that time it was just an interesting idea.

I knew that voice talent didn’t want to go to school for recording and sound engineering. That would far exceed their needs. However, some knowledge of audio engineering was a necessity and there was no other source available that spoke to the needs of the voice talent. Many talent were actually afraid of their audio gear! The manuals and catalogs could be intimidating. Books about sound recording could not only be intimidating but overkill for anyone who simply needed to get a professional recording of their voice and perform some editing. After years of working with voice talent as an engineer, as well as years of working as a voice talent myself, I knew I could help. I wanted to help. What had started as an interesting idea, turned into reality.

Thanks to letters like those above I know that I have helped, but the biggest reward I’ve received from the book has been meeting and talking with so many of you. I’ve had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people I may never have met. I’ve been part of group discussions, online conferences and Faffcon2 (and Faffcon3 coming up). Many people in this industry have inspired me with their abilities, generosity, talent, and determination. I’ve made new friends who’ve been incredibly helpful and supportive. I’ve also met people who I was able to get added to the ProComm Voices talent roster, one of the finest group of voiceover artists anywhere in the world. I am so fortunate to be in such amazing company.

To everyone who has purchased or recommended Sound Advice – Voiceover From An Audio Engineer’s Perspective, thank you so much for your support. Getting the word out about a book is actually much harder than I ever imagined and I could not do it without your help. Please keep sharing and recommending it to anyone who you think could benefit from the information contained within its pages. I wish you all great success with your voiceover careers. Keep on talking and keep on listening.

7 responses on “One Year, One Voiceover Book… A Whole New Chapter

  1. John Florian says:

    Congratulations, Dan! Writing a book is a struggle, but your great writing and wisdom have helped many of us with our own struggles.

  2. Dan Lenard says:

    Mazel Tov Dan!

    Not a lot of voice actors truly appreciate the simplicity and elegance of a home voice over studio. Too much mythology, advice from peers with actually limited knowledge and perspective of the topic and recording forums devoted to music production and not our narrow field of strictly voice (with some production). Your book is a burden lifter for many. I wish to hasten the day when all nations shall see the light and listen to those like you who know the truth.

    Sometimes our perspectives are different, but we both know our ultimate goal is easing the minds of our fellow voice actors.

    Keep up the good work and continued success with SAVFAAEP!

    Dan Lenard

  3. Bill DeWees says:


    I know I’ve said it before, but it needs to be repeated. I wish your book had been available when I first started out. Your expertise and excellent advice would have save me much anxiety, time, and money!

    Thanks for your contribution!!!


  4. Mara Junot says:

    Your work is so successful because you are not knowledgeable, but kind, generous, helpful and humble. That’s one fierce combination! I’m very fortunate to have met you at FaffCon and extra fortunate to have your book in my VO toolbox! Thanks for everything, and keep on shining!!

  5. Mara Junot says:

    Oops! That was supposed to read “not ONLY” knowledgeable, etc…. Ahhh, mornings. ;D

  6. […] also highly recommend you read Dan’s blog post about the writing of Sound Advice. Good stuff, Dan. Your book has been a real help to me, […]

  7. Dan Friedman says:

    I just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate your kind words and support. Thank you so very much!

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