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2 March 2011
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I’m Hearing You… and Thank You.

As I opened my Facebook page today I saw some great comments from a few of my new Faffcon friends.

Randye KayeDan Friedman your whole blog rocks! great advice for Vo directors, talents and engineers as well. will share the link.”

Mercedes Rose – “Immediately came home and adjusted all the settings in my studio. I sound even more brilliant. Didn’t even know that was possible. Thanks to you, ya golden nugget you.”

Loren Kling – “Dan, nice meeting you and great book so far. Was reading it on the plane and may have scored a future VO opportunity.”



I’ve got to be honest… I don’t normally hear these things. As voiceover artists, audio engineers and studio people in general we are all very isolated at times. We live in bubbles (that are kept cold, dark and are filled with pretty lights and fun knobs and faders to play with). Sure we sometimes get praised for the work that we do, usually when we are doing it… and that is great, but rarely does it continue beyond that moment.

I’ve been at ProComm Voices for nearly 10 years. Doing a great job is what is expected of me and what I expect from myself as well as my co-workers. Because we all routinely deliver on this promise, we rarely take the time to praise one another… it would almost seem silly to do so.

Praise sure does feel good though. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the things I had to say at Faffcon, or that my book, would be so graciously accepted. Subsequently, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would feel so good hearing what great results people are having because of something I said or wrote. Thank you so much for the positive feedback and please… do not hesitate to also let me know if you disagree with something or would like more information or clarification on anything in the book. I want to continue to provide the best and most useful information I can for our VO community.

Thanks again to everyone who I spoke to at Faffcon… but especially to my friends and co-workers at ProComm Voices. You all do a great job!



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