Great time at VO2013 Atlanta!

28 March 2013
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Sound4VO's Dan FriedmanSound4VO – Great time at VO2013 Atlanta!

By Dan Friedman

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of meeting and hanging out with some of the brightest stars in the voiceover business. Gerald Griffith of Voiceover City put together a  top notch group of coaches, agents and talent for VO2013 and it was a thrill to be among them.

As I often like to do, I want to thank some of the people who, for me, made the event extra special.

David Goldberg and Karen of Edge Studios – It was so much fun hanging out with the both of you and working at the Edge table. I’m honored to be a part of the Edge family.

Christopher Currier of Neumann/Sennheiser – SO great to meet you and, seriously,  I can’t help but like a guy who could talk microphones all day and night. The hat… is one of my most prized possessions. YOU ROCK just as much as Neumann and Sennheiser microphones.

386523_10200276392144133_96773692_nMara Junot – I just LOVE you Mara Junot! Thanks for being a great friend and for being you.

Julie Williams – It was fun getting to work with you. If your system ever crashes again while out on the road… I’ve got your back. 😉

Gabby Nistico – I thoroughly enjoyed sharing some laughs with you and representing the Carolinas! You are instrumental in making things happen here and I thank you for it.
Jeffrey Umberger – Atlanta’s best voice talent agent. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the panel (We’ll have to ask Gerald for more time next time around). Thank you for all of the opportunities and thank you for being more than just an agent, but also a friend.

Sarah Carpenter – Thank you for your kind words. I’m excited about the possibilities.

NancyWolfsonDanFriedmanGabbyNisticoNancy Wolfson – Of course you are even more beautiful in person, but more importantly, you are quite simply one of the most brilliant people in our business. Your presentation did not disappoint. I’ve “followed” your advice 😉 and so should everyone who wants to reach greater levels of success.

Marc Cashman – What a thrill it was to be able to have dinner and spend real time with you. Thank you for being a mentor, for inviting me to be a part of your presentation and for your ongoing support and friendship.

John Taylor and Jaye Delai – I’m thanking the two of you together and individually because you are both such inspirations.

John – We’ve shared several brief quips online or “hi, how are you’s” in passing over the years, but I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to really talk. You are a funny guy and I learned so much. I’m sorry you had to leave so abruptly. Best wishes to your family.156049_10200276377423765_654999043_a

Jaye –  The insight, encouragement and wisdom you offered me will be so helpful as I embark on this new and very exciting phase of my career. Things you have been dealing with would make lesser men simply want to give up. NOT YOU! You are a super talented and amazing guy. I truly wish you the best moving forward, you deserve it.

Thank you to everyone who I met over the weekend and to all of you for making it special. Thanks also to everyone who purchased a copy of Sound Advice – Voiceover From an Audio Engineer’s Perspective. I hope to see many of you at FaffCamp in Charlotte in May and hopefully again in Atlanta next year!

One response on “Great time at VO2013 Atlanta!

  1. Mara Junot says:

    Aww, I’m just seeing this …and oh, how I needed it today! I simply LOVE you too, Dan Friedman!!
    It’s always such a blast anytime we get to work or play together–I only regret that it doesn’t often enough. Thanks for being such an incredible guy all-around and most especially for being my dear friend. (:


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