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12 February 2011
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Get some ‘Sound Advice’

Today’s guest blogger is George Washington III


Dan Friedman, audio engineer and voice talent, is a name that should be known to all of us in the industry. After publication of his book Sound Advice: Voiceover from an Audio Engineer’s Perspective, this point is only reinforced.

There are any number of books out there for the budding voice artist, and all of them have something to give, from business advice to practice technique. Sound Advice comes at us from the perspective of the often overlooked but especially vital audio engineer. Because of the facts and logistics of our business, we work with engineers all the time, and by necessity must be low level engineers ourselves. Dan’s book passes on the basic and intermediate information anyone wanting to get a better understanding of the audio recording process needs.

Dan also makes sure we know some of the etiquette of the business around mics, levels, and working with other voice talent in session.  Since he’s been behind the board for years, he clearly has seen it all. And I’ve been lucky enough to have session with Dan, and can attest to his skill and knowledge in action.

Even better, Dan will be at Faffcon 2 to share some of his expertise with those of us who weren’t born with a 24 channel mixer in our cribs. Plus, Sound Advice: Voiceover from an Audio Engineer’s Perspective, is among the many great door prizes being given away at FaffCon 2. So if you haven’t purchased it, you might end up with it in your hands anyway! Even if you don’t win, I highly recommend you pick up a copy (which you can do right here) and get the story from the other side of the glass.

George Washington III is a voiceover artist, IT professional, and singer based out of Charlotte, NC. He has been providing radio, TV, narration, messaging on hold and e-learning voice services since 2003, and has performed with Opera Carolina since 1998. Website: http://www.voevolution.com

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