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28 November 2012
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A New Look for Sound4VO

By Dan Friedman

It was long overdue. Sound4VO.com desperately needed a new look. However, that wasn’t what I was thinking the day I called my friends at NYS3, Asheville’s new premier acting school, for recommendations on a photographer. I thought I was just going to get some head shots. I ended up with so much more.

When I met Megan Brown of MeBeImagery for the first time, we connected immediately. Her professionalism was undeniable. She took a genuine interest in the voiceover business, my “raise the bar” message and she was especially interested in my career goals. As I was mentally preparing myself for getting some new pictures, I was thinking, “I’m in voiceover… when it comes to photographs, I’ll just need something simple”. Megan had a different idea.

Megan is more than a great photographer. She is a talented web designer with a background as an actress. She understands the needs of performers. She had done her research and was excited to help me with more than just photos. She presented a plan to transition Sound4VO.com from something boring, simplistic and ineffective (my words) into something dynamic, sophisticated and… 1000 times better.

As I shared my thoughts, Megan was finishing my sentences. She not only knew what I wanted, she knew what I needed… often before I did. There are many website designers who can build a site, help you develop your brand and who can and will do a great job. Megan is local to me, which I felt was a huge advantage. But more importantly, I feel that Megan “got me” and her enthusiasm for the project is reflected in her work. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

You simply cannot be in business without a website. No matter who does your site, be sure to find someone you connect with and who understands and believes in you. I highly recommend Megan at http://www.mebeimagery.com.

Sound4VO is a brand new site where I can proudly display my work. But even better than that, it is a place where anyone in the voiceover industry can come to buy a copy of Sound Advice – Voiceover From An Audio Engineer’s Perspective, read the blog, ask questions and get answers. Do you have some technical questions? Need a second opinion on your studio sound, a demo or audition? Need additional help, direction or production? Let me know by using the “Contact” page.

Sound4VO has a companion site, Dan4VO.com. Dan4VO is an additional resource for people searching for a unique voice that can help deliver their message. Need a hip, youthful, energetic voice? How about someone cool and conversational? Perhaps a sound that is intelligent or even a bit quirky? Want someone who is efficient in the studio and experienced on both sides of the glass? Think Dan4VO. I want to help you communicate your message by bringing your words to life.

4 responses on “A New Look for Sound4VO

  1. I like the clean, new look Dan. Very impressive!!

  2. The quality of your site perfectly matches the level of your talent, Dan. It is phenomenal! Megan has definitely raised the bar. I hope you keep an eye on your analytics to see what impact this new design has on the number of visitors and your search engine ranking.

  3. Ted Mcaleer says:

    I am nodding with Paul and the site is indeed wonderful. Very nice Dan!

  4. MeBeImagery says:

    Thank you, Dan, for your kind words! It was great to work with you, as you knew exactly what you wanted, but were open to ideas. Your precision and clarity made the job a pleasure, as well as your all around great nature as a human being! I hope this new site renovation brings even greater success to your endeavors and takes http://dan4vo.com and https://sound4vo.com to new heights. You’ve worked hard over the years and you deserve the best!

    Kind Regards,

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