21 April 2017
Voiceover Demos
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Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony

Voiceover – A New Twist on Telephony By Dan Friedman My good friend and phenomenal VO talent Roxanne Hernandez Coyne does an extensive amount of telephony work (both English and Spanish) for some of the biggest companies in the world. When she was ready to make a new telephony demo, she reached out to me […]

2 February 2017
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Voiceover – Alternative 101.5 Missoula

Voiceover – Radio Imaging: Alternative 101.5 Missoula, MT Missoula, MT – February 2, 2017 – New Alternative Rock Station KAMM 101.5 launches today with Sound4VO’s Dan Friedman as the imaging voice.   “I listened to dozens of voices and as soon as I heard your demo the “that’s the one” light went on.” – […]

3 May 2016
Audio Production
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Voiceover – Tips and Tricks for Audio Production

Voiceover – Tips and Tricks for Audio Production By Dan Friedman with contributors Dan Gustafson and Cliff Zellman Let’s talk … audio production. While it is easy for a voice actor to think only of their performance and delivery of the copy, it is also important to remember that all of those beautifully spoken words […]

1 March 2016
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Voiceover – 20 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life

Voiceover – 20 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life By Dan Friedman Just 20 minutes a day can change your life. We have all heard that pitch before. Usually, its referring to the latest and greatest exercise program or workout machine which, after you buy it, within six months you’ll probably end up using […]

10 February 2016
Audio Production
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Voiceover – Sounds To Get Your Heart Pumping

Nearly all music requires layers of sounds and instrumentation to create an emotional response in the listener. Sound design is no different. If you’re a voice talent interested in sound design and audio production, try layering different sounds and hear what you can create.

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