Corky Coreson -

Having spent over 35 years being a voice talent as my sole profession I feel very qualified to comment.

Never a week goes by without someone asking me how to become a voice talent. All the books I’ve previously recommended are mostly blue-sky-you-can-make-big-bucks-easy kind of bologna that doesn’t help at all. This book is real. Dan Friedman doesn’t try to sell you a load of BS he simply tells you what you need to be a professional voice talent. The one area that this book is VERY strong in is the one area that other books fall absolutely flat in and thats the tech part. Friedman does an excellent job of explaining basic but very important issues like; mic proximity, EQ, compression, etc

Frankly I’ve worked with seasoned professionals who need to read this book for its simple to understand yet accurate explanations of the basics of voice recording.

Want somebody to blow smoke up your skirt and tell you that you’ll be rich overnight as a voice talent? Buy some other book!
Want to learn how it really is in a working studio environment and how to set up your own voice over studio at home and get started in the REAL voice over world? Buy Sound Advice by Dan Friedman!

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