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3 March 2011
Sound4VO News
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Growing Talent

Growing Talent – My Child Voiceover Artist My 8yr old son is a child voiceover artist, and today he had a VO gig. He’s been doing this since he was 5. In those early days, before he could read, I would sit in the booth with him, read the line and he would “parrot” the lines back […]

18 February 2011
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Directing Voice Talent: Better Communication, Better Results

Directing Voice Talent: Better Communication, Better Results By Dan Friedman You’re about to begin directing voice talent. You may be producing a TV or radio commercial. Maybe you’re producing a corporate presentation or program narration. Whatever the project is, your goal will be to get your chosen voice talent to communicate your message(s) to your audience.  […]

24 January 2011
Voiceover Demos
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Are You Ready to Make Your First Voiceover Demo?

Voiceover – Are You Ready to Make a Voiceover Demo? By Dan Friedman Am I ready to make your first voiceover demo? This may be the biggest question any aspiring voice talent will ask. With all of the attention the voiceover industry has received lately, it is no surprise that many people are asking this question […]

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