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22 August 2012
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What A Voiceover Demo Is… and What it is Not

What A Voiceover Demo Is… and What it is Not. By Dan Friedman A voiceover demo is your business card. A demonstration of your abilities and talent. It is a reflection of your ability to present yourself as a professional. It is representative of whether you can communicate and deliver copy, but also indicates whether […]

20 August 2012
Sound4VO News
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Voxy Ladies Asheville Mixer

By Dan Friedman Although we have great restaurants and sky-high views, Asheville isn’t often considered a “hot spot” when compared to cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Fortunately, Asheville was just as hot as those cities this past weekend as it was home to the southeast Voxy Ladies Mixer. I had a great […]

10 August 2012
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Recording Magazine’s Acoustics Series – Headphones vs. Monitors – Part 4

By Dan Friedman Recording Magazine sends out a newsletter to its subscribers every few weeks. The newsletter is (coincidentally) titled “Sound Advice“. This is the 4th installment in the series on headphones and monitors. I asked permission to reprint this newsletter (and will ask to reprint the others in the series as well) so that […]

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