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10 March 2013
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Be A Sponsor – FaffCamp 2013!!

Be A Sponsor – FaffCamp 2013!!  By Dan Friedman and Peter O’Connell There are many great voiceover events each year. But none have had the impact on my career, and on my life, than FaffCon. The FaffCon crew has created a new event that is open to everyone at all stages of their voiceover career… […]

27 September 2011
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My Second First Faffcon

By Dan Friedman On Saturday night while most Faffers were out to dinner, Amy Snively, Pam Tierney and I sat in the mezzanine of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Harrisburg and talked. Among many other discussions, we talked about our favorite parts of the event and past events. I mentioned at one point that I thought […]

28 February 2011
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Faffcon: A Voiceover Unconference – From an Audio Engineer’s Perspective!

Attending Faffcon in Atlanta this past weekend was an incredible experience for me. As I drove back home last night I couldn’t help but smile the entire way… good thing I don’t drive a motorcycle — do I have something in my teeth Mercedes?   As many of you who attended may have guessed… I […]

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